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Autumn Term 2

This term we are looking at:


English (Writing Outcomes):

  • To write a non-chronological report about a witch.
  • To write a letter to Santa.
  • To create a poem.


Cross-Curricular Writing:

  • To write the Nativity Story in the third person.
  • To write a leaflet about our local area (Sharnford).



  • Addition and Subtraction



  • To identify seasonal change.
  • To observe the seasons changing, including daylight
  • To observe the properties of materials and their uses.



  • To know the Nativity Story.
  • To know what advent is.
  • To know how Christians prepare for Christmas.



  • To know where our local area is situated on a map.
  • To identify landmarks within the local area through field work.
  • To identify physical and human features within the local area.
  • To identify change within the local area through maps, pictures and field work.



  • Valuing Difference



Development of simple movement patterns and developing core balance and agility.

  • Dynamic balance to agility: jumping and landing.
  • Static balance: seated

Ball skills