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History Statement of Intent

History Intent Statement


This curriculum has been designed with these goals in mind:

  • We want our curriculum to encourage pupils to develop a sense of their place in time.

  • We want our curriculum to transmit the sense of heritage both locally and in the wider world.

  • Our curriculum should encourage pupils to nurture a respect for themselves, each other and people in the past.

  • Our curriculum should help to develop a love of History, including challenging perceptions and perspectives.

  • Our pupils should leave with the confidence to pursue History as an academic and/or personal passion.

  • We want our children to have a sense of time and place and identify the intimate links between history and geography. 

  • We want our curriculum to enable pupils to reflect on and recognise the relationship between our past, our present and our future.


The curriculum has been designed with:

  • A flexibility that can reflect, and respond to, the needs and passions of our school communities.

  • An open structure to allow new perspectives and latest research to be easily incorporated.