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Summer Term 1

Our topic for this half-term is, 'Romans'. We will be focusing on what impact the invasion of the Roman Empire had on Britain. We will be exploring the remnants of the Roman Empire in Britain today and the local discoveries that have been made in Leicestershire. We will also be completing an in depth study of Vindolanda- an ancient Roman fort located on Hadrian's Wall.



Our English work is cross curricular with our theme. Within this we will look at:

  • Fable writing
  • Adventure story writing
  • Non-Chronological Report writing
  • Creating Alan Peat sentences.
  • Using Alan Peat sentences in our work.
  • Using a higher level of punctuation
  • Editing and Improving our work
  • Sentence work
  • Spelling strategies
  • Reading comprehension



  • Continue exploring fractions
  • Decimals
  • Perimeter and area



  • Sound



  • Children will focusing on Hinduism.



  • Children will be exploring the Roman Empire and the impact that the Romans had on Britain.



  • Rights and Responsibilities 



  • Real P.E programme focusing on children's social skills (Tuesday and Thursday.)



  • Ukulele