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Collective Worship

At Sharnford C of E Primary School, collective worship is an integral part of our day. We have
a varied programme of worship, which involves class-led worship, visitors and celebration
worship. We use collective worship resources from ‘Simply Collective Worship’ and ‘Roots
and Shoots.’
Collective worship takes place every day and is led by staff and visitors including the Open
the Book team from the local churches. Collective worship is inspiring, inclusive and
invitational. Collective worship gives pupils and school staff the opportunity to engage in an
act of community, praise and thank God, be still and reflect, explore the big questions of life
and respond to national events. It offers opportunities to foster respect and deepen
spiritual awareness, reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ, affirm
Christian values and attitudes, share each other's joys and challenges and celebrate special
times in the Christian calendar.

Here is an example of a typical week's collective worship at Sharnford:
Monday: Online Collective Worship.
Tuesday: Teacher led Collective Worship in the hall- whole school
Wednesday: The Open the Book team (who act out a Bible story, often with school
volunteers), or a visiting leader (local Clergy)
Thursday: Singing worship
Friday: Celebration Worship or class led worship.
Children are involved in collective worship in many ways from setting up, planning worship,
taking a role in a Biblical story, to ending by sharing a prayer. Each class has a collective
worship book and the children take turns to evaluate collective worship, using key questions
to guide their thoughts.

Collective worship and class led assemblies on our values.