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A warm welcome to our PE page.


We are proud of the PE curriculum and sporting opportunities that we have on offer at Sharnford CE Primary School. We believe the purpose of physical education is to be inclusive and achievable for all. Therefore, we have chosen an excellent teaching programme called 'Real PE' which focuses on six development cogs: personal, social, creative, health and fitness, physical and cognitive. We help children to understand the importance of each through our lessons.

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We hope through high quality teaching, we inspire and motivate children to be active in the lives, aiding them to become physically confident through the teaching of key fundamentals. We encourage experiences of a range of activities that help children to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and partaking in regular exercise. Children should have access to opportunities in which they can apply the skills they have learnt in competitive situations, either individually or a part of a team. In result of this, children have the opportunity to learn key values that are pertinent in other areas of their lives such as teamwork, resilience, respect, determination and fair play that can be taught, promoted and applied in an active way. As a school we are a part of the South Leicestershire School Sports Partnership [SLSSP]. They provide opportunities for our children to implement  the six cogs (mentioned previously) in a competitive event within the local area.

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Additionally, we believe that PE plays a key role in educating students holistically. Research supports the significance of physical development in an education setting. The healthy, physically active child is more likely to be academically motivated, alert and successful. We recognise that quality physical education teaching is essential in helping to develop our pupils motor skills, physical fitness and understanding of concepts that foster lifelong healthy lifestyles. Each month on the school newsletter there will be a section dedicated to the well-being of our school school community, including ways to support this aspect through PE.

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