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This term, Hazel Class will begin by exploring life in ancient Egypt.


The will be focusing on the question, 'How do we know so much about the ancient Egyptian civilisation?'


  • Children will be exploring different aspects of ancient Egyptian life through a variety of artefacts that have been discovered by archaeologists and Egyptologists.
  • Children will learn about how important the river Nile was to the ancient Egyptians and how it is still important to the people living in Egypt today.
  • Children will learn about the life of Tutankhamun.
  • Children will learn about why we remember Cleopatra, the last of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
  • Children will discover what happened to ancient Egypt after the death of Cleopatra.
  • Children will learn about Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist and Egyptologist who was credited with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.


During Autumn Term 2, children will then look at the Anglo-Saxons invasion of Britain.


Children will be focusing on the question, 'What impact have the Anglo-Saxons had on Britain?'


  • Children will learn about where the Anglo-Saxons originated from.
  • Chill will discover the reasons why some Anglo-Saxons chose to migrate to Britain.
  • Children will discover the reasons why some Anglo-Saxon were forced to migrate to Britain.
  • Children will explore different artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon period and consider how these help us to understand what life was like during the Anglo-Saxon period.
  • Children will compare Anglo-Saxon life with modern day life through using artefacts and evidence from the past.
  • Children will consider some of the similarities and differences between the Anglo-Saxon Rule of Law and the Rule of Law in Britain today.
  • Children will examine the significant change of religion during the Anglo-Saxon period and how this has had an impact on Britain today.
  • Children will consider the impact of both the raiding and invading of the Vikings on the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.


Check out our knowledge organisers below to see more about what we are learning in History!



Ancient Egypt Knowledge Organiser

Anglo-Saxon Knowledge Organiser