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Sharnford Church of England Primary School

“Many hearts make our school nourishing, flourishing and fruitful”

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At our school, we believe that everyone is a Mathematician. We want pupils and their families to recognise Maths as a meaningful subject which is invaluable in their daily lives. We want pupils to have a confidence and passion for Maths as a creative subject, which they can pursue further. We embrace the Mastery curriculum which means children are given the time to explore and be fluent with ideas, before applying their knowledge to real life situations.


We understand that children learn best when they are thinking, doing and exploring. We want children to find links and patterns through the use of concrete apparatus, pictures and carefully chosen questions. There is a balance between teacher and pupil talk, enabling children to share knowledge, identify misconceptions, pose questions and challenge ideas. Within every concept there is an opportunity to; build fluency; reason and problem solve. Well planned lessons, which follow the White Rose guidance, allow children to build confidence and resilience before self-assessing and then choosing their own entry point to take their learning further. Time is taken to allow learners to reflect, learn from their mistakes and see the value in these. We use a variety of tools to allow pupils to remember and revisit previous learning; this strengthens their memory and allows them to apply their learning with confidence. We use opportunities to create links between Maths and other curriculum subjects, particularly STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) areas.


We look forward to our pupils leaving our school with a respect and understanding of Maths and its relevance to all our lives. This includes looking at key people and events from the history of Maths. We aim to give children a lifelong confidence in Maths.