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Drama Curriculum Intent Statement


Statement of Intent


It is a common misconception that Drama is for those who want to be ‘actors’.  Drama is an important component in educating a well rounded child, giving essential opportunities for growth. Whilst our curriculum is designed to support students in the development of their skills in making, performing and responding, it is fundamentally about the growth of the individual. Our drama curriculum allows students to develop a number of essential, transferable skills for life that are relevant to all, in terms of personal and social awareness and future employability. All children have the right to express themselves and a need for play. Drama maximises these natural factors in a safe, encouraging environment. The greatest skill we can give them is to be able to harness their own creativity and communicate this with others. Drama is pivotal in this whilst also helping pupils to improve peer relationships and confidence. 


Like the other arts, drama involves imagination and feelings and helps us to make sense of the world around us. Drama is a creative and cultural activity that provides an opportunity for pupils to explore different people, places, times and cultures, and to examine differences and similarities with their own environment. 


Drama offers opportunities for development in so many areas and can support progression to a wide range of subjects. These include cognitive skills and interpersonal skills. Therefore, we intend to incorporate drama as much as possible across the entire curriculum to enhance learning. Children can learn important drama skills and techniques during other academic lessons to make lessons more exciting, interesting, practical and varied. This will give students more opportunities to devise their own work. They will use drama techniques to explore themes, issues and ideas. Practically they will develop their physical and vocal skills when performing to an audience and students will learn how to evaluate and discuss their own work which is crucial in all aspects of learning.